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Editorial Policy

Notes and References

The manuscript should contain bibliography containing only those references cited in the text. The references should be arranged in alphabetical order according the surname of the first author.

In referring to other works avoid location references such as ibid and op cit.

References which are cited in the text should be in conformity with the Harvard system.

The list of references should appear in alphabetical order after any end notes. The following style of referencing should be used:

Examples given below:


General Form:
Author: Authorís Surname, First Name Initial. (Year) Title of Book. (Edition). Place of Publication: Publisher.
Editor: Editorís Surname, First Name Initial. ed(s). (Year) Title of Book. (Edition). Place of Publication: Publisher.

One Author
Gantzias, George (2001) The Dynamics of Regulation: Global Control Local Resistance, Cultural Management and Policy: A Case Study of Broadcasting Advertising in the United Kingdom Aldershot: Ashgate. 
Dutton, William (ed) (1996), Information and Communications Technologies: Visions and Realities Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Mouzelis, Nicos (1995), Sociology Theory, What Went Wrong? Diagnosis and Remedies London: Routledge

Two Editors
Kaye, C. & Blee, T. eds. (1997) Arts in Health Care a Palette of Possibilities. London, Jessica Kingsley.

Article in a Book
Obelkevitch, James (1994), ĎConsumptioní. In James Obelkevitch and Peter Catterall (eds), Understanding Post-War British Society, (pp.141-54) London: Routledge,
Gantzias, George (2005) Cultural Policy and Regulation in the Info-Communication Industry. In Vernilos, N, (eds.) Cultural Industries, (pp. 278-303), Athens: Kritiki (in greek).


Last Name, First Name, (year) Title of the article, Title of the Journal (italics), volume and issue number (month), pp.


Article in a Printed Journal
Smith, John, (2001) The Internet: Today and Tomorrow, Journal of Internet Affairs, vol.34 (4), April, pp. 23-25.

Article in an Electronic Journal
Robert McDonald, (2004) The function of the Fourth EstateĽ Greek Politics Journal Vol. III, (Available from\gpj\articles\2004\ac12.asp-state=elections.htm) [visited on 13/ 09/ 2005].


Last name, First name (year), title of the article, Title of Newspaper/Weekly (italics), date, pages.

Smith, John. (2001) The Internet: Today and Tomorrow, Internet Times, 13 April, pp.23


Government Report/Regulation/Law/etc.: Government Department, Title, (month, Year), pp.

UK Department of Trade and Industry, UK Government Online: An Action Plan, 1999pp.23-27.


Authors are expected to provide full indication of Internet sources. Just add the URL address and the visit date at the end of the reference.


No Author
BBC News, (1998) Cash shortage threat to breast screening, 3 July, (Available from [visited on 4-2-2003]
Department of Trade and Industry, UK Government Online (1999) An Action Plan, pp.23-27 (Available from /online/ ) [visited on 22 November 2001].

Landes, W. M., (2001) What has the visual arts rights act of 1990 accomplished? [Online]. USA, Chicago. Available from [Accessed 21 June 2004].

Smith, John. (2001) The Internet: Today and Tomorrow, Internet Times, 13 April, Available from [visited on 22 November 2001]

Davey , C., et al, (1999) Reducing Inequalities in Breast Cancer, London: The Cancer Research Campaign (Available from [visited on 20-8-2003].


No illustrations are accepted but charts and diagrams which are created by the author will be accepted.


Assoc. Professor George K. Gantzias, Editor
P.O. Box 4126
10210 Athens