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Editorial Policy

Notes to Contributors

Authors are required to submit four hard copies of their manuscript, typed on one side of the paper and one and half spaced, and a soft copy that can accept text in both formats of Microsoft Word and Rich Text Format. When preparing the paper, the fewer layout specifications (such as font changes, type sizes, etc.) the better. The CTPJ can accept graphic files in bitmaps and vectors. Figures or plates, charts, tables, graphs and diagrams should be kept to a bare minimum or supplied as camera-ready copy. Each illustration should be numbered consecutively in the order in which it is referred to in the typescript.

It is important that authors ensure that their typescript is an exact printout of what is on disk, to make copy-editing easier. Our recommended length of main articles is 3,000 to 7,000 words, for comments, reviews of articles and research reports should be much shorter, usually 800-1500 words and for book reviews approximately 600 words at least. Use footnotes and references. Contributors should note that material submitted to CTPJ must be original, must not have already appeared in another publication, and must not be submitted for publication elsewhere while under consideration by the journal.

In all cases you should submit a hard copy.


All authors must sign the 'Transfer of Copyright' agreement before the article can be published. This transfer agreement enables the Publisher to protect the copyright material for the authors, but does not relinquish the author's proprietary rights. The copyright transfer covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article, including reprints, photographic reproduction, microform or any other reproductions of similar nature and translations, and including the right to adapt the article for use in conjunction with computer systems, web sites and programmes, including reproduction of publication in machine-readable form and incorporation in retrieval systems. Authors are responsible for obtaining from the copyright holder permission to reproduce any figure, photograph or video for which copyrights exists.


Proofs will be sent to the authors (first-name author if no corresponding author is identified on multi-authored papers) by PDF where possible and should be returned within 48 hours of receipt, preferably by email. Corrections should be restricted to typesetting errors; any other amendments made may be charged to authors.


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