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Academic Version - Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (C.T.P.J)

About CTPJ

The Cultural Technology and Policy Journal (CTPJ) is an international academic referee journal covering the broad area of cultural management, cultural studies, political and cultural communication, cultural policy, cultural technology, cultural heritage, info-communication culture, political economy, cultural marketing, cultural economy and cultural industries. (It is published in print and electronic formats - by the Info-Communicator Ltd). Its academic articles are published in English.

The emphasis of the first version of CTPJ - Info-Communication Policy: Information Society, Media Power & Cultural Industries - is on propaganda models, cultural diversity, information Age, Info-Communication Industry and the Internet to which it adopts a pluralistic approach. The historical range is not limited to any given period, but the journal is primarily concerned with material that is relevant to the contemporary world, and which contributes to a fruitful global exchange of ideas between all interested parties.


In general, the coverage of CTPJ, as an interdisciplinary academic international journal, includes material on the theoretical and practical aspects of, but is not limited to, the following subjects:

         Cultural Studies, Information Society and Digital Culture

         New Media Power, Political Economy and Political Communication

         Cultural Management, Policy Making and Art Management

         Cultural Policy and Strategy

         Privatisation, Regulation and Public Interest

         Cultural Technology and Info-Communication Industry

         Info-Communication Culture and Cultural Industries

         Cultural Diversity, Cultural Identity and Info-communication Society

         Globalisation, Cyberspace and Cultural Production

         Cultural Economics, Cultural Marketing and Cultural Communication

         Electronic Management, Digital Content and Electronic Commerce

         Cultural Organisations, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Tourism

         Cultural Diplomacy, Global Commons and Crisis Management

         Cultural Protection, Human Rights and Cyber-conflicts

The CTPJ addresses itself to policy-makers, regulators, managers, IT specialists, media specialists, practitioners, academics, students and consultants with a professional interest in the above subjects. It will publish research papers, information on research in progress, comparative studies, polemical articles and book reviews which are likely to be of interest to a global readership. Some editions of the CTPJ will include a series of articles designed around special issues, which may relate to a specific set of issues, a geographical region or a particular cultural form.

The CTPJ provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of contemporary policymaking, information technology, cultural policy, public interest, regulation, cultural goods, copyrights and legal issues. Articles are expected to reflect a spectrum of concerns ranging from immediate questions of cultural studies, political economy, political communication, cultural management and policy, cultural marketing and goods, cultural technology and cultural industries, global regulation, info-communication culture, cultural tourism, electronic commerce and cultural heritage to basic assumptions about the nature of individuals and groups.


Assoc. Professor George K. Gantzias, Editor
P.O. Box 4126
10210 Athens