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Call for articles

Call for articles on the special issue of GPJ: "Greek Elections and the European Crisis: European Control, Local Resistance".

The Greek Politics Journal (GPJ) publishes original articles (700-1,000 words) and welcomes academics and experts to submit their paper to a special issue of GPJ with the title: "Greek Elections and the European Crisis: European Control, Local Resistance".

The GPJ is an electronic journal that is being published at the Greek Elections Portal ( since the year 2000.

It includes material on and analysis of Greek elections, as well as of political, economic, technological and regulatory issues.

It welcomes views and analyses by politicians, professionals/academics and established media commentators on political party programmes, free market economy, monetary issues, economic and political power and communication, economy, management and marketing issues.

The GPJ journal adopts a pluralistic approach on crucial issues such as the economic crisis and its political and cultural ramifications, globalization, the impact of digital technology on free market economy dynamics, as well as the exploration of identity formation on a national (Greek), regional (European) and global dimension.

The historical range of the articles for publication is not limited to any given period, so long as their content is relevant to contemporary world issues and contributes to a fruitful global exchange of ideas.


Professor George K. Gantzias
Hellenic Open University